Esport VR – game Exodus Burned

Sun 12 Aug 2018 | 13:01

The virtual reality-developers studio Pillow’s Willow are well known for their awardwinning game Spark of Light. Now they present their latest brainchild: Exodus Burned: a virtual reality –game, which is immediately suited as an esport. You use your body as your controller. Exodus Burned is a combination of an obstacle course and an escape room. Ambitious, different and great.

To play Exodus Burned you need a harness equipped with sensors. The sensors transmit their position wirelessly to a router which is connected with a laptop or pc. You can wear the harness over your clothing so you don’t have to wear a special suit. The players are completely unrestricted in their movements, unlike setups with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The used technique is developed by VRee, a Dutch company also from Eindhoven.

Exodus Burned has you playing 1 vs 1 up to 4 vs 4. You are in a rudderless spaceship heading for a star and you have 10 minutes to get to the escape pod. Barring your way are puzzles and challenges, and players from the other team. In some challenges you face them directly, in other puzzles you just have to beat their score.

PoeHao went to Eindhoven and got the opportunity to try out Exodus Burned. At the same time the trailer was being recorded, so one with a discerning eye can spot him. Exodus Burned places you in a big (virtual) lift which goes up each time you complete a challenge. Sometimes you can see your opponent, and in other cases there are (moving) walls around you.

My favourite challenge has you shooting (virtual) balls at your adversary. When these balls hit the floor or walls, they temporarily created a big beam. By aiming tactically you could really make life difficult for them. Of course you could also try to hit them straight on, but my enemies proved themselves agile and slippery. Another challenge was ‘the floor is lava’, whereby you have to stay on the green squares. Easy, if the squares weren’t moving and changing colours.

There was also a puzzle which had big blocks coming at you. Dodging them was the wisest course of action. All challenges last for a minute, but those 60 seconds seem to last a long time when you are moving that much (and aren’t fit). Besides from the direct challenges where you compete directly against your competitors, the challenges can be different for each team.

Developer Pillow’s Willow is creating more puzzles and challenges as we speak. It is hard to play Exodus Burned in your living room, so keep on the lookout for it in arcades near you.