Gamers First goes big

Esporters were complaining the first season about the small booths. They didn’t have enough space and felt cramped. Gamers First has decided to listen to their feedback and worked hard to enlarge their play area.

N-iX to the next level

One of the companies which helped start IT Arena is N-iX. Whilst we were in Ukraine we also visited them to find out how they operate.

IT Cluster & IT Arena

Every year the biggest tech event of Eastern Europe is being held in L’viv, Ukraine. We went around to meet up with the organisers IT Cluster. We wanted  to find out what their vision is.

Windjammers & Windjammers 2

At Gamescom in Cologne we got a presentation of Windjammers, which is odd. The game was released in 1994 and at the prestigious EVO championships theirs was an esport league for it. How come?

Asterion signs soO

The Korean StarCraft II top player Eo “soO” Yoon Su signed a contract with Dutch esportteam Asterion. In the long run he might even move to the Netherlands and learn the language. A remarkable decision by the Zerg player.

Gamescom 2018: Cosplay and Casemods

This year we went back to Cologne for Gamescom. Just to give you all an idea what you can see there, we wanted to show you some of our impressions. Enjoy!

Photo Report Six Major Paris (Rainbow Six: Siege)

Last weekend we were at the biggest Rainbow Six: Siege tournament in Europe: Six Major Paris. The fans are already familiar with the Six Invitational. For two years the best teams in the world decide who rules the pack at the grand stage in Montreal, Canada. Of course in Montreal, because it’s the birthplace of Rainbow Six: Siege. Developer Ubisoft decided it was time for a big tournament in Europe. The choice was once again very obvious: Paris. Ubisoft is a French company after all.

Geurkink stops racing, goes casting

Bart "Androskat" Geurkink has ended his activities as esporter in the Ziggo eBattle Pro League immediately. Coming week he will make his debut as a caster at the Pro League. He also will be making YouTube-content for the upcoming game F1 2018. His focus will be on the career mode. Down the line he plans to include specials on tips & tricks. All the while he will continue being the poster boy for Team Racestars.

G2A brings hardware to gamers

Hyperbook isn’t the only Polish company aiming to satisfy the hardware-needs of the Dutch consumers. G2A is expanding their marketplace to incorporate everything gamers and geeks want to have in their room. Well, anything tied to gaming at least.

Hyper Arena VR

A virtual reality-game with frisbees, shields, grenades and multiplayer aims for esport.

Esport VR-game Exodus Burned

Esport and VR: Exodus Burned combines the two with a wireless full body experience. Daring and really cool.

Benelux Premier League takes LoL to the European level

Riot Games has granted the Benelux their own tournament, which makes it possible for local players to reach the European top. With this move the whole of Europe now has a competition. Every summer there will be a fierce battle at the European Masters to decide who is Europe’s best League of Legends-team.